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Terms of Use

Established: April 1, 2017

● Article 1 (Scope)
1. The Terms of Use (Corporate Users) (“the Terms of Use”) and the Privacy Policy (“Privacy Policy;” together with the Terms of Use referred to as “the Terms”) apply to users of the online job offers and informational services (collectively referred to as “the Services”) and the website ( as well as associated and related subdomains in each country (collectively referred to as “the website”) managed and operated by RGF HR Agent (“the Company”).
2. The Terms may be revised or updated as necessary.
3. In the event that the Company posts on the website notes or manuals, etc. for use of the website (“manuals, etc.”), the manuals, etc. will form part of the Terms.
4. The user indicates his/her consent to the Terms by registering on the website.

● Article 2 (Definitions)
1. “Individual member” refers to an individual who has registered personal information (as defined within the Privacy Policy; the same applies hereinafter) and other information on the website that has been approved by the Company.
2. “Corporate member” refers to a company that has registered company information and other information on the website that has been approved by the Company.
3. The two types of members above are referred to collectively as “members” and may use the Services after performing the registration procedures set forth in Article 3.
4. “Registered information” refers to information other than personal information that has been registered on the website so that the member can use the Services. The Company accepts no liability whatsoever in the event that an individual member is identified by a corporate member based on information that the individual member registers in fields other than those specifically for entering personal information.
5. “Job opening” refers to information related to hiring by the corporate member and includes information on seminars and information posted on informational bulletin boards.
6. “Corporate administration screen” refers to the operation support system that allows corporate members to post job openings and receive messages, etc. from individual members applying for those job openings by accessing the Company’s database server over the Internet using their own computers.
7. “Scouting” refers to the service allowing individual members to receive messages directly from corporate members encouraging the individual members to browse or apply for the corporate members’ job openings. These messages are sent by corporate members to individual members they select based on their browsing of the individual members’ registered information.

● Article 3 (Registration Procedures and Screening)
1. Corporations wishing to become members of the Services are deemed to have applied for member registration when they register and send their company information via the member registration page.
2. Each corporation is to apply for and use the Services as a single user entity.
3. The Company will screen the aforementioned applications according to pre-determined criteria.
4. In the event that the Company determines that a company that has applied for registration (“the applicant”) is unsuitable as a corporate member, the Company may reject the registration. The Company accepts no liability whatsoever in regards to this and has no obligation to explain to the applicant the reason the Company rejected the registration, nor can the applicant object to the Company’s decision.

● Article 4 (ID and Password Management)
1. The Company will issue and provide an ID and password to corporate members.
2. Corporate members bear full responsibility for the use and management of their IDs and passwords and are responsible for all damages that may arise from improper use of IDs and passwords, either by themselves or a third party. The company accepts no liability whatsoever for any such damages.
3. Corporate members may not under any circumstances allow a third party to use their ID and password. IDs and passwords may not be transferred, loaned, changed to a different owner, sold, used as collateral, etc. In the event that a corporate member allows an outsourcee to use its ID and password due to business necessity, the corporate member shall bear full responsibility. The Company accepts no liability whatsoever for any incidents that may arise as a result.
4. In the event that a corporate member determines that its e-mail address or password has been stolen or used by a third party, it shall notify the Company immediately and follow the Company’s instructions.

● Article 5 (Changes to or Suspension of the Services)
1. The content and pricing of the Services, posted information, programs, systems, and URLs are subject to change or elimination without prior notice to corporate members.
2. The Company reserves the right to suspend for a long term or end overall provision of the Services after notifying corporate members and after a certain period of prior notice.
3. The Company reserves the right to temporarily or permanently suspend use of the Services in part or in whole without prior notice to corporate members in any of the circumstances below.
(1) Regular or emergency inspections or maintenance work on the computers and systems related to the Services
(2) Accident causing computers, communication lines, etc. to go down
(3) The Service can no longer be operated due to fire, power outage, natural disaster, or other force majeure
(4) The Company otherwise determines it necessary to suspend or terminate the Services
(5) The Services can no longer be operated due to changes in laws/ordinances in the country where the Company is incorporated, request from the authorities, etc.
4. The Company accepts no liability whatsoever for damages incurred by corporate members as a result of measures the Company takes based on the preceding Paragraph 3.

● Article 6 (Responsibility of Corporate Members)
1. Companies wishing to use the Services shall register for them and become members at their own discretion.
2. Corporate members shall observe the matters set forth within the Terms and manuals, etc. when using the Services.
3. Corporate members shall bear responsibility for the information they register. In the event that the Company receives a complaint or a request for deletion due to the information registered in the Services by a corporate member being either partially or completely incorrect, or if the Company deems it necessary, the Company will delete part or all of the registered information without prior notice.
4. Corporate members may change, add, or delete registered information themselves. To change registered information, corporate members shall access the corporate administration screen on the website and change/correct the information as necessary so that it is accurate.
5. Corporate members acknowledge that advertisements may remain on the website even after the conclusion of the posting period previously announced by the Company and also that the posting period may be shortened.

● Article 7 (Posting of Job Openings on the website)
1. Corporate members shall, at their own discretion, register their job openings either directly via the corporate administration screen or by submitting a registration request to the Company in accordance with the posting criteria or manual, etc. (collectively referred to as “posting criteria”) the Company specifies.
2. When a corporate member registers a job opening, the Company will conduct a review to determine if the content of the job opening conforms to the posting criteria. The Company will perform the screening as quickly as possible, but the corporate member acknowledges that the Company may not complete the screening by the corporate member’s desired time and date for posting. The registered job opening will be posted to the website after the review is completed if the Company determine that the content satisfies the posting criteria.
3. The Company reserves the right to reject the posting of a job opening registered by a corporate member if the Company determines that it violates the posting criteria or is contrary to fact.
4. Corporate members acknowledge that, after posting job openings, they cannot be reposted for a certain period of time even if the content or terms are different.
5. The Company retains all copyrights and other rights related to the Services.
6. Notwithstanding the preceding paragraph, corporate members retain the copyrights and other rights related to the text and photographs (“content”) they provide. In principle, however, this shall apply only to the content of job openings to be posted on the Services that corporate members have copyrights and all other rights to. In the event that a corporate member wishes to post content to which a third party other than the corporate member possesses rights (including but not limited to photographs of third-party subjects, content created by third parties, and photographs containing public buildings and other structures), it must obtain the consent of all rights holders, including holders of copyrights to the content, with respect to the content of the Terms, including the following paragraph, and the posting in question. The Company will only post job openings, etc. for which said consent has been obtained.
7. Corporate members acknowledge that for the purpose of disseminating the information the Company may reproduce the corporate members’ company information and other details from the website on the website and various media, and also that a third party may post said information on media besides the website under his/her own responsibility.

● Article 8 (Storage of Information)
Although the Company may store messages and sound files sent and received by corporate members via the corporate administration screen, temporarily stored resumes or job openings, and other information for a certain period of time for operational purposes, the Company bears no obligation to store said information and retains the right to delete it at any time. After a certain period of time has passed, some of this information may be deleted when the Services undergo database maintenance. The Company accepts no liability whatsoever for damages incurred by corporate members as a result of measures the Company takes based on this article.

● Article 9 (Handling of Company Information)
To provide the Services, the Company may collect, use, and provide the corporate members’ company information to third parties associated with the Company. Corporate members acknowledge that the Company may use the company information in this way and may provide it to associated third parties. The details of how the Company handles personal information are provided in the Privacy Policy.

● Article 10 (Prohibition of Use of Application and Confidential Information for Other Purposes)
1. Corporate members shall only use the application details and other personal and registered information (collectively referred to as “application information;” including information on individual members viewable to corporate members using the scouting service) provided to them by individual members to execute hiring activities for the relevant positions and shall never use the information for other purposes (regardless of whether or not they are commercial in nature).
2. Corporate members shall handle application information carefully and properly as confidential information and shall not leak or disclose it to third parties.
3. In the event that a lawsuit or other complaint is filed against the Company by an individual member or other third party pertaining to a corporate member’s use or management of application information, the corporate member shall be responsible for resolving the complaint or lawsuit at its own expense and shall not cause the Company any inconvenience or damages.
4. Corporate members shall not leak or disclose any non-public information learned about the Company through use of the Services (including information about the Services, their workings, related expertise, and program source code) and shall not use it for their own benefit.
5. When outsourcing part of the operations related to the Services to a third party, corporate members shall hold the third party to the same obligations set forth in this article. However, this does not absolve the corporate member from its responsibility.

● Article 11 (Prohibitions Applying to Corporate Members)
1. Corporate members shall not engage in the following acts when using the Services:
(1) Registering false information
(2) Infringing upon the copyrights, portrait rights, or other intellectual property rights of other members or third parties or the Company’s rights
(3) Infringing upon the Company’s property, privacy, etc. or that of other members or third parties
(4) Slandering the Company, other members, or third parties or otherwise infringing upon the Company’s rights
(5) Engaging in any other activities that violate or could potentially violate the law
(6) Engaging in activities that lead to criminal acts
(7) Engaging in activities that violate public order and morality
(8) Engaging in antisocial activities
(9) Reproducing, selling, publishing, or otherwise using information obtained through the Services outside the scope of personal use
(10) Engaging in sales activities or information-providing activities for the purpose of sales using the Services
(11) Hindering the operation of the Services or engaging in activities that harm or could potentially harm the Company’s credibility
(12) Engaging in activities that bother individual members, such as attempting to contact an individual member that has notified the company of his/her withdrawal, sending repeated messages with the same content to individual members using the scouting service, or persistently sending messages to an individual member who has no intention of applying
(13) Canceling appointments for interviews with individual members without a proper reason or otherwise being dishonest with individual members
(14) Sending sales e-mails or other e-mails not related to job openings to individual members
(15) Making untruthful or inaccurate statements to individual members in information, materials, etc. sent to them
(16) Sending information containing viruses or other harmful computer programs
(17) Tampering with information that can be used in relation to the Services
(18) Violating the Terms
2. Given the necessity of ensuring security, activities that may overload the entire system or a part of it related to the Services, such as the running of autopatrollers by corporate members, are strictly prohibited. The Company reserves the right to implement technical measures such as blocking access without prior notice in the event that a corporate member engages in such acts, and the Company accepts no liability for any resulting damages that the corporate member may incur.

● Article 12 (Disclaimer)
1. The Company accepts no liability for any damages (any disadvantages including mental anguish, business interruption, other monetary losses, etc.) arising from a corporate member’s registration with the Services, rejection of an applicant’s registration, corporate member’s usage of the Services, the Company’s suspension or termination of the Services, the Company’s revoking of registration with the Services, or any other aspect of the Services.
2. Corporate members shall use the Services at their own risk. The Company accepts no liability whatsoever for disputes arising between individual and corporate members or with third parties or any damages incurred by corporate members related to job openings, and corporate members shall be responsible for resolving such issues at their own expense.
3. Individual members are responsible for the information that they provide to corporate members, and corporate members acknowledge that the Company offers no guarantee as to whether the information is up-to-date, truthful, valid, appropriate, or useful and that they use it at their own risk.
4. Corporate members acknowledge the possibility of encountering insulting, offensive, or unpleasant posts made by other members when using the Services and that the Company accepts no liability whatsoever with respect to such posts. Moreover, while the Company reserves the right to remove information posted on the website by other members that the Company determines to be unrelated to the Services or otherwise in violation of the Terms of Use either in whole or in part, the Company is under no obligation to do so.
5. The Company offers no guarantee whatsoever to corporate members with respect to the results of the Services or individual members hired based on job openings, etc. posted by corporate members on the website, including the certainty of hiring individual members, the skills and qualifications of individual members applying for jobs with corporate members, the suitability of individual members for employment with corporate members, etc.
6. The Company is not involved in any way in the sending of messages to individual members by corporate members, the implementation of screening procedures, or the hiring of individual members, and accepts no liability whatsoever with respect to these activities of corporate members.
7. The Company accepts no liability whatsoever for damages arising from viruses that cannot be prevented using normal anti-virus measures, natural disasters, or other circumstances out of its control (“force majeure”). The Company does not guarantee that data associated with the Services will not be erased or altered by such force majeure.

● Article 13 (The Company’s Use of Provided Information)
1. Corporate members acknowledge that, when providing the Services to corporate members, the Company may view or use for the purposes and by the means below information registered by corporate members, usage logs of the Services, sound files and logs of messages sent and received between individual members and corporate members and their content, and other logs of use of the Services by corporate and individual members.
(1) The Company may view and use such information within the scope necessary for operations to keep track of the operational status of the Services.
(2) The period of such viewing and use as set forth in the preceding item may continue after the corporation is no longer a corporate member (regardless of the reason).
(3) The Company may aggregate and analyze the information and prepare statistical data, etc. after removing information that can identify or specify the entity, and this statistical data, etc. may be used without restriction (including, but not limited to, proposals to corporate members and third parties, market research, and the development of new services).
(4) The Company will not use the provided information for any purpose other than (1) - (3) above.

● Article 14 (Deletion or Removal of Registration or Cancellation of Membership)
1. Corporate members may delete their registration with the Services at their discretion at any time via the means determined by the Company.
2. Registrations may be deleted even if the corporate member has no such intention in the event that the corporate member does not access the corporate administration screen on the website for a period of one (1) year.
3. If it is determined that a corporate member has violated the Terms, including Article 11, the Company may temporarily suspend the corporate member’s use of the Services either in part or in whole without prior notice to the corporate member in question or cancel its membership in the Services. Additionally, the Company reserves the right to implement measures the Company deems appropriate at its discretion and without prior notice to the corporate member, including disabling applications and inquiries from individual members to the corporate member, messages from individual members to the corporate member, replies from the corporate member to individual members, and inquiries to the Company, depending on the circumstances of the violation of the Terms.

● Article 15 (Changes to the Services)
The corporate member acknowledges that the details of the Services are subject to change for the purpose of improving them.

● Article 16 (Compensation for Damages)
In the event that a corporate member violates the Terms and causes the Company damages either directly or indirectly, the corporate member shall be obligated to compensate the Company for all damages.

● Article 17 (Governing Law and Judicial Jurisdiction)
The Services and the Terms shall be governed by Chinese law, and any disputes arising with respect to the Services or the Terms shall be settled in the People’s Court where the Company is located.

●Article 18 (Good Faith Discussion)
In the event that a matter arises not set forth in the Terms or questions arise concerning the interpretation of the Terms, the corporate member shall engage in good faith discussions with the Company to come to a resolution.